Sea of Tranquility Review of COME TOGETHER MOVE APART

Reviewed by John OBoyle for Sea of Tranquility June 26, 2011

Come Together Move Apart by guitarist Nat Janoff and his fellow band of musicians work their way through nine jazzy interludes, with this being his sixth release to date. Their musicianship is without question adept, precise and to be marvelled at. His band of brothers John Escreet (piano), Francois Moutin (bass) and Chris Carroll (drums), accordingly contribute to the highest standard adding depth and colour, creating music that is melodically meshed and somewhat rather interesting.

The album is built on those formulaic jazz approaches, the band twist and turn into free form / improv jazz during each track which adds character and does for all intense and purpose stop it from becoming another mundane jazz album, an album that calls to mind musical influences such as Pat Metheny, Brad Mehldau, (who interestingly have worked together in the past), John McLaughlin and Wes Montgomery.

Nat very much has his own style of playing and writing, one can really tell that he has a passion for jazz just by what has been presented here. It is clean, precise and well produced, something that the jazz fraternity really insist on and rightly so.

When you strip the whole album back musically looking at each individual contribution that is when you are really rewarded, although all the musical interactions perfectly fit like a glove in the grander scale of things as a whole. Each instrumental has been very cleverly constructed to heighten and highlight the emotion of each instrument, leading and following as and when required.

I am not going to tell you what the standout tracks are here as I will let you determine that for yourself. You are given punchy interludes "Partly Cloudy", the improv / free from approached "Sketch 1" and "Sketch 2" and the slow mature approached "For Now" to name but a few highlights.

This is an album to be devoured if you love jazz, great guitar work or stunning musical composition.
Score: 4 stars